Frequently asked Questions


  1. Question: What payment options do I have?
    Answer: You can pay for your order in cash, by EC payment or by PayPal.

  2. Question: How do I know that my order has been successfully received at Preezo Pizza?
    Answer:  After placing your order, you will be taken to a confirmation page that says "Thank you for your order". You will also receive an order confirmation by email. Sometimes it can happen that the confirmation e-mail ends up in the spam folder, so we ask that you also check the spam folder (correctness of the e-mail address is a prerequisite).

  3. Question: How much discount do I get when picking up?
    Answer: When picking up you get a 20% discount on any goods purchased, with the exception of any drinks. Coupon codes will not be honored for pickup, as all coupon codes are for delivery.

  4. Question: How long does it take for my order to be delivered?
    Answer: As a rule, we try to deliver your order within 45 minutes at most, but sometimes there can be delays if orders accumulate within a period of time or the traffic causes a delay at the moment (current problem in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck).

  5. Question: Can I also use the permanent voucher code over the phone?
    Answer:The permanent voucher code is not normally intended for telephone orders, but the discount can also be accepted by telephone as a gesture of goodwill depending on the situation.

  6. Question: I did not receive my order or my order was delivered incorrectly, what should I do?
    Answer: When ordering via our main page such as or you can call us immediately or explain your concerns via the menu item "Contact / Suggestions". If an incorrect delivery or non-delivery is the case, it will either be corrected or, if desired, the amount paid will be refunded.

  7. Question:Will my data be stored and also treated discreetly in accordance with data protection guidelines?
    Answer:Your data will not be transmitted to no third parties! We only use your e-mail address if we distribute vouchers or present a new product. Any other use of your data is out of the question for our company . If no voucher codes are desired by e-mail or product presentation, please contact us and we will remove you from the mailing list.

  8. Question: Do I have to register to order from Preezo Pizza?
    Answer: No, you can also send us your order as a guest. However, we recommend registration, as you can use advantages such as quick and convenient ordering, as well as listings of all orders, etc., if you register.

  9. Question: I didn't enter the voucher code when shopping, can I redeem it with the driver in front of the door?
    Answer: Unfortunately, doesn't work. The driver is not authorized to apply the discount independently. This would cause accounting and thus tax problems, which we would like to avoid at all costs. We therefore ask you to ensure that you redeem your voucher code properly in advance.

  10. Question:Despite the fact that I am above the minimum order value, the shopping cart says "Minimum order value not reached", what do I have to do?
    Answer: In this case, check the "Shipping address" area. An alternative address that is still in memory may have been entered in previous orders.

  11. Question: What should I do if it appears that you have received a duplicate order.
    Answer: You don't have to worry about getting your order shipped twice. We filter all orders so that in the case of a double order, the second identical order is completely ignored.

  12. Question: Some products such as drinks, sauces, etc. are missing from my order. How is this situation resolved?
    Answer: Whether it's right at the door or afterwards, you're entitled to a refund or delivery of the product. In this case, you can also request a refund directly from the driver. If the invoice is discounted by vouchers, only the discounted prices of the missing product may be refunded.

  13. Question: Can I request cigarettes with my order at Preezo Pizza?
    Answer: Preezo Pizza does not sell cigarettes, but for customer satisfaction (if there is a petrol station on the way), the desired cigarette is bought and delivered. We would like to point out that we will not deliver cigarettes if there is no possibility of shopping on the way to you.
    It's just a no-obligation service for customer satisfaction.

  14. Question: I would like to order online and pick it up myself. How should I proceed?
    Answer: If you select the "00000-ABHOLUNG / PICK UP" tab in the postcode area in the shopping cart, the amount will automatically be reduced by 20%. After completing your order, you will receive an E-MAIL to collect it.

  15. Question: Is the dough at Preezo Pizza vegan?
    Answer: Yes. Our dough does not contain any animal ingredients such as milk etc. Therefore, customers with lactose intolerance, for example, can eat our dough products without worrying about it.

  16. Question: How do I delete the voucher code?
    Answer: Below the coupon field is a red "X" letter for deletion.

  17. Question:Is a pre-order (appointment) before the maximum delivery time entered possible?
    Answer: No, all time orders that are below the maximum delivery time will be ignored by us, as pre-orders are not intended for an immediate time after the order. With us, every customer gets a fair turn in turn.

  18. Question:Why is my email address required?
    Answer: We are obliged to provide each customer with an invoice and we will send this to your e-mail address. If the e-mail address is not correct, our web shop will not forward the order to us for two reasons. 1. There is a suspicion of a fake order. 2. The condition of delivery of the invoice is not given.

  19. Question:EC payment from what amount?
    Answer: From an order value of 10 € you can also pay with an EC card.